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SzelesMain 21At Szeles Restoration, we apply our understanding of how various factors, including humidity, temperature, vapor pressure, and air movement, influence drying conditions, as it is crucial for handling the moisture damage efficiently. The high quality of our dehumidifiers and the rich experience of our technicians help to handle any water damage situation.

Our dehumidifiers have the power and flexibility to remove water and moisture from many different kinds of materials, including drywall, cement floors, insulation, plaster, carpets, interior paint, and basements. Drying time can be easily reduced as the restorers adjust the locations and types of dehumidifiers with the change of drying conditions.

Moisture that cannot be removed through extraction is removed by dehumidification. Our dehumidifiers also reduce high humidity levels to levels within a normal range very quickly.

Dehumidifiers function the following way: a stream of warmed air (which is capable of holding more moisture than cool air) is circulated over and under various surfaces which causes the moisture to evaporate. The dehumidifier then condenses the water vapor from the warm air back into water again. Finally, the dehumidifier, pumps it out, and circulates dry air within the building.