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SzelesMain 21Restoring contents is usually a less costly optin than replacing them. Regardless of the method used to clean your personal items, Szeles Restoration professionals will take care and concern for your belongings as if they were their own.

Methods that we use for contents cleaning:

Dry Cleaning – This method is used for the removal of light and medium non-grease based soils. We also apply it to pre-clean excess residues before wet cleaning.

Wet Cleaning – An effective cleaning method used to remove moderate to heavy residues

Spray and Wipe – This method is effective for materials that were damaged if saturated with cleaning product

Foam Cleaning – Typically used for upholstery fabrics that may shrink or bleed

Abrasive Cleaning – This method involves agitation of the surface that is being cleaned

Immersion Cleaning – This method can be applied only for materials that can withstand being completely immersed in the cleaning product.

Szeles Restoration has a proven success rate in recovering contents in a wide range of situations from personal property to business property and vital records in schools, universities, hotels, hospitals, museums, financial institutions, and more.

Complete restoration of physical assets includes:

  • Soft-good furnishings
  • Hard-good furnishing
  • Machinery
  • Electronics
  • Raw materials
  • Vital records
  • Office equipment
  • Inventories
  • Fine art restoration