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freezeDryThe vacuum freeze drying process calls for very sophisticated equipment, and is especially suitable for large numbers of wet books, records, as well as coated paper. Books and records are placed in a vacuum chamber frozen. The vacuum is pulled, a source of heat introduced, and then dried at temperatures below freezing. Then the physical process known as sublimination takes place, which is when ice crystals vaporize without melting. This means there is no additional swelling or distortion beyond that incurred before the materials were placed in the chamber. Many coated papers can be difficult to dry without them sticking together once they are wet. It's is nearly impossible to determine which papers will block, so all coated papers should be treated the same way for the purpose of vacuum freeze drying: before any drying takes place, and ideally within 6 hours of becoming wet, materials should be frozen below -10 degrees. Although this method may initially appear more expensive because of the specialty equipment required, the results are more often so satisfactory that additional funds for rebinding are not necessary. Mud, dirt and soot will be lifted to the surface, making the cleaning time less consuming as well.

When a flood takes over your valuable home or business, destroying your personal and professional belongings, our water damage restoration company can handle all your drying needs. Everything from your birth certificates, to legal documents, to books, photos, and more will be handled with the utmost in care and professionalism. When disaster strikes, we'll be right there to help you return these precious possessions to their former condition.

Freeze-drying flash freezes liquid to solid form. This allows for evaporating directly from solid to vapor. When a solid evaporates with no liquid phase, unwanted side effects of drying are bypassed.

This method of drying has a number of advantages:

  • Very short drying times (dry workpieces in seconds)
  • Drying at low temperatures, which means gentle drying of products (including electronic components)
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Easier drying in deep pores, undercuts, and gaps
  • Easier drying of items with large surface areas
  • Energy-saving drying method
  • Environmentally-friendly drying method

Our vacuum dryers are custom-designed to allow us maximum flexibility in treating your specific needs.