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SzelesMain 21It may surprise you to know just how much electronic equipment can be repaired after damage by fire, smoke, or water. And who would have ever imagine that a printed circuit board needed to be drowned to become functional again? Szeles Restoration can help you restore electronic systems of all kinds, including laptops, plant controls, medical equipment, machines for semiconductor production, and much more.

Szeles Restoration’s professional electronics restoration teams often perform their work under difficult circumstances, but prompt action is critical in restoring electronics to avoid further damage. Smoke residue contains acids that corrode metal objects, particularly when moisture is present. While it may be tempting to tinker with damaged electronics without the aid of a professional, it can be very dangerous to turn on electrical equipment that may have been damaged by fire or water.

When you need help in getting your electronics up and running after a disaster, call Szeles Restoration.