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freezeDryHow will you remember your family down the line? Photos and photo albums tell the story of your family from beginning to end, and it's a story you never finish writing. When flood or water damage of any kind occurs, we know that nothing can replace the story. Our company goes to great lengths to ensure that your family's memories are handled with care and keep the story from being lost. 

When documents, books and pictures are water soaked, they are in a very fragile condition. Time is of the essence when your important documents are at risk of being lost or damaged forever. You must make quick decisions as to which can be recovered electronically, by making copies, and which must be saved immediately, such as pictures or original documents. A quick pack-out and freeze drying is one of the first decisions to be made and the most important step to preventing further deterioration, and will allow for recovery decisions to be made. The faster you react following any type of damage, the more successful the restoration efforts will be.

Flat papers are very fragile when drying, so always handle with care. It is best to have us out as soon as possible so the damaged documents, pictures or books can be handled by professionals. Wet papers and books can come apart easily, and if they are vintage or antique, this will take even more care and attention. You should never try to restore them yourself, but rather have professionals come as soon as the damages occur. Freezing books, pictures and documents will prevent mold from growing, the ink from running, and the papers becoming wavy and illegible.

When a flood takes over your valuable home or business, destroying your personal and professional belongings, our water damage restoration company can handle all your drying needs. Everything from your birth certificates, to legal documents, to books, photos, and more will be handled with the utmost in care and professionalism. When disaster strikes, we'll be right there to help you return these precious possessions to their former condition.

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