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Water Damage Restoration FAQs for Property Owners in Harrisburg, PA

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Water emergencies can happen at any time. The professionals at Szeles Restoration and Mitigation have the experience and equipment to handle even the most challenging situations. Our experienced water damage team has completed specialty training in water damage mitigation, dehumidification systems, sewage contamination cleanup, corrosion control, and reinstallation techniques.

What Causes Water Damage?

Floods and storms are common causes of water damage. A small but persistent plumbing leak can also cause significant problems, even long-term mold issues. Water damage can also accompany fire damage, often associated with the work of fire crews or a combination of roof damage and inclement weather.

What is Included in Water Damage Restoration?

As a one-stop shop for water damage, we minimize structural damage to walls, floors, and ceilings. Highly experienced restorers will concentrate on safely drying, deodorizing, and disinfecting contents and spaces damaged by water.

What Equipment is Used for Remediation and Restoration?

As every handyman knows, the right tool makes a big difference. Our team has a wide selection of tools essential for remediation and restoration. Here are a few examples of our specialized tools:

- Portable extraction units for efficient water removal

- Heavy-duty submersible and gas-powered pumps

- Moisture detectors and hygrometers, which measure the extent of moisture saturation

- Dehumidifiers used for reducing humidity, producing dry air, and minimizing secondary water damage to the structure

- High-speed air movers used for creating airflow and evaporating moisture

- Drying equipment for temperature and humidity controls

How Do You Kill and Prevent Mold and Fungus?

Our water damage contractors also use germicides and anti-microbial treatments. These include deodorization products that control odors coming from microorganisms that grow in excessive humidity. Disinfecting products arrest the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms.

What are the Major Steps of Water Damage Restoration?

Szeles Restoration and Mitigation professionals will estimate the level of damage caused by different types of water intrusions, and perform the following three major steps:

- Water Removal

Water intrusions can come from many different sources. Depending on the source, the water may fall into one of three categories.

Category I: Water from sanitary or "clean" water sources does not cause any health threats. The source of this type of water may include broken pipelines, appliance water line failures, tub and sink overflows, falling rainwater, hot water heater ruptures, broken toilet tanks, etc.

Category II: Water from unsanitary or "gray" water sources may be contaminated. "Gray" water sources include appliance overflows from dishwashers, toilet bowls, washing machines, waterbeds, aquariums, etc.

Category III: Water from unsanitary or "black" water sources that regularly contain pathogenic agents. This kind of water comes from a range of sources, such as sea and ground surface water, municipal sewer lines, water from rivers and streams, etc.

- Complete Drying

After extracting as much pooled water as possible, we continue to dry with dehumidification and other processes. This is an effort to extract the water that remains in the structure and contents in order to prevent further damage.

- Sewage Cleanup

Porous materials such as carpet, paper, and books cannot be salvaged and must be thrown out. However, hard, non-porous surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected. Successful cleanup of sewage-damaged personal property requires that restoration professionals adhere to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification’s Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration S500-99 (IICRC Standards).

Why Call Szeles Restoration and Mitigation?

We have a proven record of water damage restoration in the area around Harrisburg. To learn more about our process and get an estimate for work on your property, contact us.