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SzelesMain 21The most common source of water damage is leaks or spills. Immediate inspection of floor coverings and structural materials as well as prompt removal of all standing water is crucial in order to reduce or avoid structural damage and mold.

We at Szeles Restoration. know that every minute counts. That is why we are ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter when a flood occurs we will be there to help you.

After all standing water has been removed; the structure must be properly dried. Sometimes people try to remove standing water themselves, thinking that once they’ve removed the pooled water the job is finished. Unfortunately, even surfaces that look dry or feel “dry to the touch” are often not dry enough to prevent mold growth.

Without professional equipment, it is nearly impossible to determine how much water is still locked within the structure; moreover, it is very difficult to draw the moisture out before it cultivates mold or causes further structural damage. Increased humidity after an indoor flood can cause damage to wood, books, artwork, and other items or personal belongings, so drying and dehumidification are vital steps to saving your valuables.

If you have experienced a recent flood or leak, contact Szeles Restoration to discuss your concerns.