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Demolition Contractors in Harrisburg

SzelesMain 21Need to hire a team of experienced demolition contractors to tear down a specific aspect of your building, or demolish the whole structure? Szeles Restoration has a team of professionals waiting to dismantle your property with the careful attention to detail that allows you to avoid disrupting normal operations.

Controlling and Containing Costs

Our expert demolition contractors understand that there are a great deal of safety precautions to take before carefully crafting a specialized plan to tear down rooms, floors, or entire complexes. That’s why we offer a complimentary and detailed cost estimate derived upon careful inspection of your premises.

Our team of professionals will investigate every aspect of the building, and following OSHA guidelines, inform you of any electrical, plumbing, or other architectural considerations that need to be made before removing, recycling, or disposing of the individual components. We clear away any and all refuse, leaving your location clean and reusable, so you can begin construction on future structures.

Finding Every Factor for Future Use

We pride ourselves on our ability to account for any and all variables associated with a demolition. For example, if you are just looking to replace the interior components of your home for remodeling, we pay careful attention not to damage foundational structures, electrical features, plumbing fixtures, and any other installations that will be covered by new construction in the future.

Conversely, if you want everything completely removed, including concrete cutting and “gutting” for a new construction at a later date, we will help create easy to reuse sockets and individual components so that these tied-off sections can be remade by future construction crews without difficulty. Whatever your needs, we will customize our work to fit them.

Functional Results

Our primary goal is to create a landscape that is simple to remake for future projects. Our team of demolition contractors follows a rigorous set of guidelines to ensure that every aspect of your structure that could be used again will not be affected by the demolition around it. We have a long history of proving our precision, and if you want to know what others have said, just browse our testimonials.

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