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SzelesMain 21After smoke and fire damage, structural collapse, water loss, tree damage, ice and snow damage, and other catastrophic events, restoring the contents of your home or business is as important as the restoration of the structure. Whether it is family memorabilia or the retail contents of a building, quality restoration means keeping the possessions you cherish or the ability to reopen your store as soon as possible with minimal loss.

Szeles Restoration professionals have undergone specialty training to handle both residential and commercial contents restoration, done on-site or in our restoration plant. We use heated and insured state-of-the-art facilities and storage.
Recovery from smoke damage is a complicated process and differs for every type of fire. Some restorers may resort to simply covering smoke damage with a sealer, which does not solve the underlying problem. The “lucky” ones, who have experienced inadequate smoke removal will surely tell you that it costs twice as much the second time.

Szeles Restoration technicians have the quality training, knowledge, and experience to properly remove smoke damage caused to your property and its contents. Moreover, we back our smoke removal work with a lifetime guarantee. Rest assured that with Szeles Restoration your personal belongings are handled with the utmost care and knowledge, making your restoration as complete and painless as possible.