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SzelesMain 21Szeles Restoration is your restoration specialist. We are experienced restorers of:

  • Documents (including medical and legal records, libraries, books and filed documents)
  • Electronic media and computer systems
  • Artwork

The damage may be confined to a few items or encompass an entire building. Szeles Restoration is structured to manage any size job and is prepared to handle any emergency. Our restoration consultants are on-site quickly to provide a thorough evaluation and a restoration plan. Drying and other restoration methods are underway in a few hours, greatly reducing the risk to your artwork, documents, books and electronic devices.

Whether books were stored on a shelf or individually exposed to damage situations, Szeles Restoration can restore them using proven methods based on the amount and type of damage (heat, water, smoke, fire), and the pre-existing condition of the books (value, construction). Our document restoration services include desiccant drying and freeze-drying.

Szeles Restoration is also experienced in artwork restoration, including everything from framed pictures to extremely expensive fine art paintings and sculptures. In the case of everyday artwork, the most cost-effective approach is to use one of our typical document preservation and restoration methods. However, when fine art restoration is required, we enlist the services of a conservator whose expertise includes paintings (watercolor, pastel, oil and acrylics) sculptures, and other media.