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Fire Damage Restoration in Harrisburg, PA

 Parked Truck Picture For Restoration Service, Harrisburg, PA - Alex R. Szeles, Inc.Szeles Restoration and Mitigation has been in the disaster restoration business for many years. We specialize in complete restoration of fire and smoke damage to homes and businesses. Every member of our staff has completed special training in fire, smoke, and water damage restoration.

Our Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services Include:

- Emergency Pre-Cleaning

We immediately work to protect your valuables. Art, books, and legal documents can be sensitive to fire and heat. Our restoration work includes the contents of your home, everything from chandeliers to bathroom fixtures. If necessary, a protective coating may be applied to prevent harmful, caustic acids from permanently destroying valuable finishes.

- Removal of Smoke and Soot

As soon as we complete the pre-cleaning process, we then quickly eliminate all signs of smoke and soot caused by fire damage to your home or business. Fast, meticulous cleaning will protect your home and personal belongings from further damage due to caustic, acidic soot. If your personal items are not cleaned within 24 hours after a fire, then the chance of permanent damage increases.

- Elimination of Smoke Odor

After removing burnt objects and cleaning soot, other measures are taken to deodorize the property. Thermal fogging and ozoning may be used when necessary. We also clean ceilings and wall cavities. If odor removal from structural components is impossible, sealing with pigmented lacquer may be used.

- Pack Out, Moving, and Storage

If required, we will clean, box, and store your personal items for the duration of reconstruction and restoration. Clothing, furniture, and electronic equipment can often be saved and restored using advanced restoration techniques.

- Sanitization

Water damage after a fire will generally cause secondary damage, including mold problems. Quickly drying your furniture and personal belongings with turbo dryers, commercial dehumidifiers, and ventilation may save many of your valuable contents as well as reduce the costs associated with water damage.

Emergency Tips to Consider Until Help Arrives

Safety should be your primary focus after any fire damage situation. After the fire has been extinguished, it is important to limit movement in the home or office. Limiting movement will help prevent soot particles from embedding into your carpet and upholstery. Place clean towels or old linens atop rugs and other high-traffic areas. Empty your refrigerator and freezer if the electricity is off, and prop the doors open. Lastly, change the HVAC filter.

Our other fire and smoke restoration services include pressure washing, smoke residue removal, on-site drying and dehumidifying, framing and carpentry, cleaning and refinishing, painting, and more. Contact Szeles Restoration and Mitigation for an estimate from our fire damage restoration team.