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The work that Szeles Restoration has done over the past thirty years has created many satisfied customers. Here's a few of them explaining why they found their experience with Szeles Restoration rewarding, both with the efficiency of the service, and with the attitude of the talented people performing it.




January 2010

Dear Brian and Joe,

What can I say other than a million thanks!!! Wow!!! I am beyond impressed with the work you did for me. When I walked into th basement that Monday night and saw all that water, my stress level went through the roof. After your crew arrived Tuesday morning, I felt a great sense of relief. You promised to take care of everything and you did!!!

My basement looks better than ever!!! When you said a crew would be there, they were!!! On time, courteous ...professional...everyone did a great job and the job was done on time!!! Imagine that!!! I can't thank you enough for everything you did. I truly appreciate it. If only every business operated like Szeles. If only I had called you guys the other 4 times my basement flooded!!!! I am thrilled with the results.

Thanks again and if there is anything I can do for Szeles, please don't hesitate to call...

Forever grateful, Flora Posteraro

April 2007

Dear Mr. Szeles,

On Saturday January 21, a week before we were to leave town for a month, we experienced a significant smoke damage incident in our home. On Monday morning State Farm gave us a list of "Preferred" vendors, and I chose Szeles Restoration because I was impressed by a commercial from your firm that aired during the NFL playoffs.

Within the hour, the staff called me to get details. By that afternoon he and Larry Franklin had brought an ozonator out and scoped out the damage and the restoration plan. The staff promised me that a crew would be out on Tuesday morning to begin the clean up and restoration.

Promptly at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Carmen and Chuck arrived to begin work. Over the next few days, they worked steadily and effectively to clean up the mess, wash the walls, and clean carpets and the furniture. By Friday, the painters were in, and though they could not finish that day the staff assured us that we could leave on Saturday as planned and that the job would be finished early the following week. In the meantime, the staff had also arranged for the drapes to be removed and cleaned and for area rugs to be picked up, washed, and returned.

In short, at every step your people were here when they said they would be, did what they said they would do, and were pleasant and easy to work with. The staff did an outstanding job, kept us informed at all times as to the status of the work and the schedule, and in a sense held our hands through the process. We are most grateful to your firm and your staff.

Sincerely, Lee Van Valkenburgh

September 2005

Dear Brian:

Thank you for the excellent job your company did on the gym at St. Francis of Assisi Church Education Building on Zarker Street, which is used by the students at Nativity School. Every aspect of your work was professional and high quality, and we all appreciate your speeding up the work so we could use the gym again.

I especially want to commend the members of your cleaning crew, who were at all times courteous, friendly, and efficient. Thank you.

Sincerely, Jairee A. Counterman
Executive Director Nativity School of Harrisburg


Dear Mr. Metzler:

On January 19, 1999, there was a fire which started in the basement of our house. This fire caused damage to the plumbing, heating, and electrical system and contents. On that same day, Joseph Lapano of Szeles Restoration was on the scene to assess the damages and start the repair and restoration process. Szeles personnel worked patiently and tirelessly to repair and clean our house and eliminate the smoke odor. Many tedious jobs such as removing all contents from the attic, removing the insulation, cleaning the attic, blowing in new insulation and cleaning and repacking all items that were stored in the attic is just one example of the superior job performed on tasks which many would view as hopeless drudgery.

Szeles personnel were punctual, cheerful, courteous, industrious, and sensitive to our wishes regarding the restoration process. (This means so much when one has experienced the trauma of a fire in their house.) They were capable and effective in their work. 'The subcontractors likewise did an excellent job. This includes but is not limited to RT Cleaners, Folk and Garber, Inc. Mechanical Contractors, and R.L. Snyder Electric. Joe Lapano was very pleasant to work with. He was a phone call away, eager to answer our questions, and resolve any problems.

We are very pleased and also have received many compliments concerning the restoration of our house. A noteable example was the comments of the building inspector for our lienholder, EMC Mortgage. During his inspection, he commented that an excellent job had been done in restoring our house and removing the smoke odor.

In today's busy world, we do not always pause to take the time to give credit where it is so well deserved. We are very pleased with the wonderful job performed by Szeles Restoration, and we are also thankful for the excellent coverage and service we have and continue to receive from the Erie Insurance Group and its staff.

Sincerely, John J. McGoldrick, Jr. and Phyllis L. McGoldrick


August 2005

Dear Brian:

The purpose of this letter is to express the gratitude and appreciation of the Endy family for all that you and your employees did for us in getting us back into our home. We cannot express adequately in words how devastating it was on entering our home to find the kitchen and dinning areas ablaze. It seemed like an eternity for the fire companies to arrive. I remember well the first time we entered the home, after the fire was extinguished, when the Chief of the Duncannon Fire Company attempted to prepare us for what we were about to see by offering some comforting words telling us "that as bad as it appears, your home will be put back together." While these words were meant to comfort, I thought, RIGHT - NO WAY. How wrong we were. We are now back in our home about two months, and while we are still putting our contents away, we are slowly getting our lives back in order. From the beginning, Dixie and I have been greatly impressed by the skills and dedication of your staff who worked in our home. Additionally, in putting our contents away, we are truly amazed at the honesty of the staff who worked to clean our contents. There were many items, some small and with value, that could have gone missing and we never would have known, but there they were, in the boxes returned to us. This speaks volumes for the quality of the people who work for Szeles Restoration. We do not know who or how the hiring of your staff occurs, but, whoever does the hiring should be valued and commended for their work. They do a great job.

Now, risking the possibility of missing someone, I will attempt to thank all who worked on or at our home. First, you and your son. Dixie still talks about when you arrived at our home. While we did not realize or recognize it then, what a comfort it was to have someone take charge who knew what to do. Second, Larry and the staff. In many ways, Larry and the staff were our advocates in dealing with our Insurance Adjustor. They knew what had to be done to restore our home and did not compromise on the quantity or quality of work. Because of their persistence, there is now not a trace of smoke in our home.

Next, the staff who worked in our home. There was Charlie and his wife Lynn. Lynn did a beautiful job in wall covering our walls. Vance, Richard and John P; these are truly talented people. John (with the beard) and Everett did a beautiful job in residing our home. Again, the skill of these staff is amazing. Then there was Alan and Kenny. We called the latter "Thin Ken", he sure is a gem, always cheerful and accomodating. He worked really hard in some pretty unpleasant conditions doing numerous tasks that had to be done. There were several others who worked only a day or two at our home but, unfortunately, we did not learn their names before they left us. Lastly, there is the staff that cleaned our contents. What a job they did and, again, we are truly impressed by their honesty.

I hope by now you can tell that Dixie and I are fans of Szeles Restoration. Your staff represents your Company well, and we will appreciate this letter being passed on to them as an expression of our thanks and appreciation for their labors.

May God bless you, your staff, and your Company. We pray we will never again need the services that your Company provides, but, if we do, it is comforting to know there are professionals who really do care about people who suffer disasters.

Sincerely yours, Robert H. and Dixie L. Endy


August 2004

Dear Szeles Restoration,

We wanted to thank you for a job well done.

We are so happy we called your company when we had this little water disaster of ours. My husband had remembered that at some time previous, many years ago, he had had a good experience with you.

Really, it was so refreshing to have dealt with each of the people we came in contact with from your company. Down to a fault, each person was competent, qualified, courteous and helpful. Starting with the staff, to Joe your carpenter, to each and every one of the many people tha came into our house to work on this project; we found only positives. Thank you.

Sincerely, Patti and Don Erwin


November 2003

To whom it may concern:

We are writing this letter in reference to Szeles Restoration. We had the unfortunate experience of a fire at our home. Szeles was sent out to clean up and repair all the damage. We just felt that we had to write this letter to let everyone know how pleased we are with the employees of this company. All of these people were very friendly and respectful to us. We are very happy with the quality of their work and their reponse to any questions or problems.

Anytime we needed something they were right there to help if they could. They have gone above and beyond our expectations. If anyone would ever want to contact us regarding their work please feel free to do so.

Sincerely, Earl and Christine Geoghegan


Dear Mr. Szeles,

We will always be grateful for the professional craftsmen that came to our home and did such an excellent job. They were not only skilled but very polite and conscientious. We will always be grateful and would always recommend your company to any home owner who might need good help.

Sincerely, Edward Durfer


October 2005

Dear Milt, Charlie, George, and Crew,

We want to thank you all for the way you cooperated with us in restoring our home after the fire damage we had. We are very glad that Byerly's selected your company to do the restoration work. Everyone did an excellent job making or home look like a brand new one. We appreciate the many things that were saved for us. We lost many things that can never be replaced but we are thankful for what we did get back.

Please let all the people who worked all the numerous jobs that had to be done know that we thank them for what they did. We are glad to have met you and have nothing but praise for all of you.

Thanks again for the beautiful work and for a job "well done". God bless you all.

Ben and Ken


Dear Mr. Lapano,

Just wanted to let you know what a great job Jack and his helper did on our home. There was no way I ever expected it to look like new again. They were prompt...pleasant to talk to and answered any questions my husband or I had. As unfortunate as this was to happen, everyone I had to deal with from the person who answered your phones to Terry Walburn and Jack and his helper and especially to you for your coming so quickly to asses the damage, all I can say is you have a great company and I've enjoyed meeting these people.

Sometimes we consumers are a grumbly lot and do not say thanks when a job is well done. This is my thanks.

Sincerely yours, Joyce Clelan


All work was done and completed in a timely manner. I was delighted that students were able to return to school with all work completed. I commend the crew.

Maureen C. Thiec, Ed.D, Delone Catholic High School


Dear Brian,

Because we are owners of a small business, we have always appreciated input concerning the impression our employees give others. Milt Taleff was the first representative we met from your company and he was the single greatest factor in our decision to choose Szeles to rebuild our building.

From the moment we were introduced, Jeff and I knew that Milt could be trusted. Milt continued to live up to our expectations throughout the building process. Milt was kind and patient while remaining professional and businesslike. He always represented Szeles in a forthright and positive manner. In fact, if we ever find an employee such as Mr. Taleff, we would consider ourselves very fortunate.

There were several other employees who gave us a good impression (including the ladies who work in your office who never seem annoyed with constant phone calls), but we believe Milt deserves recognition. Thank you for all your company has done for us.

Sincerely, Cathy Brown