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Damage Restoration Company Serving Harrisburg, PA

Our skilled contractors are trained and equipped to respond to a wide range of natural disasters and other situations requiring damage mitigation. When electrical fires lead to smoke and burn damage, Szeles Restoration and Mitigation stands ready to help. We also have experience with water damage in the wake of a flood. With proper restoration, your property may be preserved for future generations. Our 24-hour emergency response can limit the damage caused by a storm, tornado, or other disasters.

About Szeles Restoration and Mitigation

Before beginning work, we provide a full inspection and complete estimate. After a property has been severely damaged, it's important to assess the potential costs associated with restoration. We have the experience and equipment to handle each stage of the process, including mold remediation and controlled demolition. Our testimonials show just a few examples of ways in which we are happy to guide you through this difficult process.

Why Do I Need Restoration Services? 

Some people believe that they can repair minor property damage on their own. If even an inch of water enters a home, however, there can be long-term mold problems that are profoundly unhealthy for anyone inside. We also have specialists who can help preserve artwork, documents, and books after a fire. Ultimately, the experience of a professional restoration team is valuable after any disaster. For many of our clients, the biggest advantage is that we handle complex and time-consuming tasks on your behalf. When homeowners might not know where to begin, we provide pack out and move out service that could take days on your own.

Our Restoration Services

We offer a wide range of services, from sewage cleanup to board-up services. Here are the main categories of services we provide:

- 24-Hour Emergency Service

- Fire and Smoke Restoration

- Water Damage Restoration

- Mold Remediation

- General Contractor Services

Contact Szeles Restoration and Mitigation

We know that a natural disaster or fire can be incredibly stressful and upsetting. After a large-scale disaster, it is also important to be careful of amateurs and people going door-to-door. Szeles Restoration and Mitigation is a trusted professional contractor with the experience and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Give us a call to get an estimate for your property or fill out our emergency response form.